Luna Heist draws for Diwali Family Day at Asia Society Museum in NYC.

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

So we caught up with Luna Heist at the Asia Society Museum in NYC. To get a closer look at what was going on, we joined the long line filled with eager kids, parents and art lovers waiting to participate in the Diwali art activities . As we got closer, we spotted Luna drawing outlines for people on line. Luna definetly looked busy. However, she did notice us, nodded and smiled. We asked Luna, if she could tell the Lunahverse more about the event, but before she could respond, we were whisked away by smiling kids and art lovers lightly pushing, waiting for Luna to draw them images to decorate for the Diwali holiday.

Luna sends her love and sent us this message.

"whats up LunahVerse 🌌Today, I was at the Asia society Museum for Diwali family day from 1pm-5pm drawing images inspired by the Indian Holiday with friends for families wanting to learn more about the Indian culture . " --Luna Heist-- #RangoliArt #Diwali #LunaHeist #Josh #LunahVerse

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